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Self guided tour

Visit the Donjon de Rouen by yourself

Week-ends between 10am and 3pm

Escape Game

From April 20th to November 3rd

Join the Resistance and try to liberate Rouen !

Immersed in the tower of the Donjon, this 100% historical escape game plunges you into the heart of the Occupation, at the heart of the Resistance network. Will you be up to the challenge?

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A medieval fortress

As the only remaining part of the Château de Rouen, the Donjon has been the setting for many major historical events. From the Hundred Years’ War to the Second World War, it is a unique witness to the history of the city of Rouen.

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Donjon de Rouen – true or false ?

Forget everything you thought you knew about the Donjon de Rouen. We’ll help you figure out what’s true and what’s not, and to make the distinction between history and prejudice.