Escape Game

Liberate Rouen ! Join the resistance

From april 20th to november 3rd 2024

Join the resistance at the Donjon de Rouen and experience a historical adventure through an original escape game: “Liberate Rouen! ”. 

In August 1944, the day after the Allied landings, hope was rekindled among the Rouen resistance. You are entrusted with a mission of the utmost importance: to recover strategic documents in the heart of the best protected German bunker in the city, the Donjon de Rouen.

You will need to be resourceful, discreet and cool-headed to complete your mission successfully.

Through this new scenario, the Donjon de Rouen honours the strength and courage of the men and women who were involved in the resistance during the Occupation

As you move from room to room, enjoy an immersive experience in a fully reconstructed setting. From the ammunition store to the strategic office, immerse yourself in a unique atmosphere with a décor featuring lots of period items: propaganda posters, furniture, newspaper cuttings, radios and telephones…

What to expect :

An unprecedented exploration of the history of the Donjon and the city of Rouen in the middle of the Second World War

Three floors of reconstructed decor. From the ammunition store to the strategic office, discover the unique atmosphere with décor featuring lots of period items…

An invitation to join the ranks of the Resistance to take part in the liberation of the city.

Friday to Sunday | Wednesday to Sunday during school holidays (consult the calendar on the online ticketing service

Teams of 2 to 8 players – Duration:  1 hour of play – General public service

Price : from 13€/person
By reservation online only – Also available in English


August 1944, after four years of conflict, the city of Rouen is on its knees. But out of the ruins, hope is about to be rise again. The Allied landings were successful and General Patton’s recent breakthrough in Operation Cobra paved the way for the liberation of France.  

You are a member of the Rouen resistance, and as the Canadian forces draw closer, you are given a secret mission of the utmost importance: to retrieve major strategic plans from the best protected German bunker in the city, the Donjon de Rouen. 

Ingenuity, discretion and cool-headedness will be your allies in this ultimate mission.  Time is running out, prepare your team! The fate of Rouen will depend on your success.